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Mathematical Fun with IP Addresses

Better cooling for the DEC Alpha XL300.. No parts needed!

The DEFBOO.CMD Surplus Store

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Review of DFWCUG's recent DECUS-related events

The Pentium Detection department:
If you have a Pentium other than a Pentium Pro look at this
An interesting bit of code...

So, you sacrificed your PC to the pagan goathead of LINUX, and now, for whatever reason, you want to put the equally pagan but more costly horned devil goathead of a Microsoft O/S back on, only it seems that your trusty DOS boot disk with FDISK just does not seem to do be able to touch those nonexistant logical drives within the non DOS partition.. Here's how to: 'see the partition table, feel the partition table, touch the partition table, scratch the partition table...' and get your disk back the old fashioned way.

View an HTML Color Code Example Chart
(worked OK with IE 3.xx, 4.xx and with Netscape 3.xx, but not with Netscape 4.0:
Anyone care to comment as to why?)

View an RGB HEX Triplet Color Chart for HTML


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