At the left, a Digital Equipment Corporation VAXstation 3100-30 sitting on an almost identical Storage Expansion box, in which resides the 1-gig system drive. The VAX system has 32 Mb RAM, ethernet, and is running VMS 5.5 which allows DECWindows without a separate MOTIF license. A hobbyist license is installed on the VAX. The System is sitting on a small rackmount cabinet which holds a DEC 874-D and a similar unit, and this rack with these power distribution panels, is where everything on the table plugs in. Just to the right of the rack, a DEC RRD40 SCSI CD-ROM player sits on edge. Note the VAX has a CTI Electronics FD1013 joystick (closeup).
Center is the 19" monitor for the DEC Alpha to its immediate right. The monitor is sitting on a DEC TK50 SCSI tape drive which serves the VAX. The boxes on top of the monitor are the 95Mb TK50 media. Don't scoff, it was free! The Alpha is an XL 300, with NT4.0 and 96 Mb RAM, internal/external SCSI, and ethernet. It is an excellent machine and flys through programs with ease. It also has FX32, a free program from Digital (Now Compaq) which permits WIN32 aplications to run efficiently, as it generates native Alpha code and subtitutes it for the Wintel code previously interpreted. It's cool to see Intel-based programs actually speed up each time they are run.
To the right is the old standby, a 486DX2-66 with W95 and 64 Mb RAM. It handles the modem, printer, and sound card.