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Electronic Items

Shortwave Listening Headphones - Comfortable!

A few speckles of paint got on these 8 pair very comfortable Califone 2924AV dynamic headphones, and otherwise they appear in very good condition. Cushy Foam-filled black vinyl ear cushions, easy to keep clean and very durable. 600 ohm mono (but works well with regular '8 ohm" shortwave radio speaker jacks - this is because the amount of power used by headphones is very low -only about 1/100 of what a speaker needs.), with two speakers. Perfect for listening to shortwave, etc.. blue shells. Nice working and comfortable shape, have a few speckles of paint, from an overspray. Good sound. Regular 1/4" plug, only $5 each.

Buy all 8, and get 12"x12"x12" (approx) very durable carry box and distribution panel with individual level controls and two 1/4" plugs, that way, the whole family can listen, just like the olden days! Package deal -8 headphones and distribution/carry box only $40

Non-electronic items of all kinds

TUE Coffee Mug

Texas Utilities Coffee Mug. Just the thing to microwave your coffee in, to remind you to use more electricity! Nice tall cup with cool logo. $1.50Picture

Classic Air Force Coffee Mug

Classic design, timeless and powerful. $1.50Picture

F3 Nighthawk IRAD System coffee cup:

This cup is really cool, and large size too. It has a picture of the F3 Nighthawk mascot on one side, and the IR system unit on the other side. Just the thing to show 'em you mean business! Images and info $1.00

Loral / Vought Coffe cup

Gold, says "Employee Charity Fund Charter Contributor" gold emblem has a few imperfections, but as noisy as my camera is.. The gold made it hard to shoot.. Anyway, it's just the thing for collectors of contract militaria! image $1.00

Mississippi Army National Guard coffee cup

old, and in excellent condition! image $1.00

4TT3NT10N 411 31337 H4C|<3R5 0F F0N3Z !!

Sitting up all night playing with phones?
SPRINT phone company cups, double size, set of 9! $9.00/set

Shipping: FOB our laboratory at 4718 Kildare Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas Texas 75216. We can ship FedEx, UPS, or Motor Freight. Buyer to pay shipping.

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