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DEFBOO's Plain English eBay Terms

This is long, but it should answer any questions. If after reading the document, you have questions, please Contact us with your concerns.

eBay Outages

Our auction offers are based on eBay functioning properly. If there is an eBay malfunction, including a malfunction of the search engine, in the 24 hours prior to the close of any of our auctions, and the auctions are not extended by eBay, we reserve the right to refuse to sell the item, if we immediately relist it in a 3 day auction.

eBay Philosophy

Our prime objective is to sell items on eBay in a fair and truthful manner. We do our best to describe and or test the items we sell since we are your eyes in the auction. We sell most of our items "as described" which means that we warrant that the item looks and functions as we described it. Some items are sold "as-is" or "sales final", and if so, it will be plainly stated in the auction text. Please see our RETURN POLICY below. Our aim is to make you happy, but we do not want to get into nit picking contests.

Condition of Item

We sell used items in an auction format. The tests we sometimes run are to give our buyers a general idea of the condition of the item to assist their bidding. Some of the items we sell are very complicated or very dangerous to work on. If it is possible and safe for us to do a test, we test an item as thoroughly as we know how, to find out how well it is working. In some cases, we can't or won't test an item.

The degree of any testing is stated plainly in the auction text. If we are selling a part of an item, such as a known good circuit board from a computer which was working properly, we will state that the item was "removed from working equipment". All sensitive electronics items are handled in accordance with ESD procedures and are packaged in anti-static bags to protect them. Some items which are "removed from working equipment" may be sold "as-is", and if so, it will be plainly stated in the auction text.

Safety / Liability

We are never responsible for any safety issues, damages, injuries, or loss of any kind. It is the responsibility of the buyer, to fully and diligently perform, safety and operational tests on any items bought from us through eBay. It is understood that we never knowingly omit information about safety issues of which we are aware. In cases where no mention of saftey issues is made, it is understood that certain items are inherently dangerous, for example, high voltage equipment, lasers, heavy items, etc., without limitation as to kind of item. The only remedies offered to the buyer are described in our return policy below. Any warranty is limited to the terms stated in the auction text. In the event that the auction text contradicts the eBay terms, which you are now reading, the eBay terms shall be deemed to have precendence.

Descriptions - definition

We may use the following guidelines when describing the condition of our items:

Additional good or bad information about condition may appear in the item description.


We accept U.S. or international money orders, and personal checks drawn on U.S. banks. We normally wait 7 to 10 days for checks to clear, but we often waive this requirement for buyers with a lot of good feedback. Please do not ever send cash in the mail. Our letter carriers are honest, but some citizens are not..


Please bid high and often! We reserve the right to cancel bids from bidders with negative or no feedback entries, but we almost never cancel bids. We reserve the right to end the auction early, but we almost never end the auction early.


On some of our items we charge a very small fee for packing, this charge just covers the cost of materials for small and medium items. Relax, boxes and packing materials are inexpensive.. The fee is generally $0 to $4 depending on the fragility, size, and weight of small-to-large items. Very heavy items (like 80-120 lbs) such as computer workstation systems, monitors, and classic electronics gear will cost more to package. We want you to get it in one piece! Nobody likes getting a broken item, and having to go through the hassle of filing claims with UPS. It is well-known that UPS denies almost every claim that is made, regardless of packing quality.

Shipping and Insurance

We ship by UPS, FED EX, or U.S. mail. We normally ship 1 to 2 business days after payment arrives or a check clears. U.S. Mail is best where the item is printed matter, software, or otherwise qualifies for 'book rate'. All items are tracked and insured for their sale price at your cost. Insurance through UPS is free up to $100, and tracking is free with UPS.

You may refuse insurance and tracking at your sole risk.

If the weight of the item is given in the auction description you can use these resources to guesstimate the shipping.

Post Office
Fed Ex

Please do not forget that a large box and packing can weigh 2-8 lbs. We pack well. Our zip code in Dallas Texas is 75216. We use our own packing and deliver the item to the carrier's customer counter.

On very large items, such as heavy rack-mounted equipment and 'mainframe' computers, in the auction description we may ask the buyer to arrange for pick up and/or shipment of the item. In some cases we may offer to build a shipping container for a fee, but we prefer that the buyer arrange for the trucking company do deal with this. Our facility can accommodate a 'bobtail' truck with a lift gate and our shipping area is not a 'dock' but at ground level.

Overseas Shipping

Overseas buyer policy:
There is a fee of $5.00 to process the customs paperwork for overseas shipping. When we quote shipping costs in the auction text, these are for domestic shipments only. Overseas shipping costs will be passed on to the buyer. Overseas shipping, and customs fees in your country can be costly. We will do our best to keep shipping charges reasonable, and we will offer several options, depending on your location. You can also check these out at the shipping sites listed above. Please inquire about shipping overseas before bidding.

Payment for overseas shipments must be made in U.S. dollars by international money order. "airmail" is the best way to get your payment to us in a few days. If you wish to "wire" cash to a western union office for immediate payment, we will have to send an employee to pick up the funds. There is a $5.00 fee for time and effort expended to perform this service.

Please do not ask us to place incorrect information on customs forms. This happens alot and the most common example is when we are asked to declare a lower value than the sale price, or declare the item to be a gift. We will never do this.

Some 'high tech' items can not be shipped overseas. We will not ship National Treasures such as complete tube-type audio or radio equipment, or military surplus items, overseas. In some cases we will ship common vacuum tubes and parts. Please check the "ship-to" area in the eBay auction to see if you can buy the item.


We will leave positive feedback if the transaction is smooth and prompt. If it takes three weeks before we receive payment, we probably not leave positive feedback. On the other hand, If you feel that we do not deserve positive feedback, please e-mail us with the reason and we will answer your e-mail and may still leave you positive feedback. We reserve negative feedback mostly for deadbeat bidders or mean people.


We offer a return option on all items except those sold "as-is" or "sales final". Items sold "as-is" or "sales final" cannot be returned for any reason.

Return Policy

If, in our opinion, we make a major error in describing the item (except those sold "as-is" or "sales final"), it may be returned for a refund. If the model number, part number, or type number of an item is given, or if a picture of it is shown, it shall be deemed to have been correctly described. Please e-mail us if you feel the description is in error, before bidding on the item. We don't want you to bid on something you don't want, and it is certainly a waste of time and money to have to return an item. For reasons other than an incorrectly described item, a buyer may return any item not sold 'as-is' or 'sales final' for a refund, less shipping, packing, eBay fees, and a restocking fee of $10.00 or 15% of the bid price (whichever is greater). In order to receive a refund, the following conditions must be met:

Items returned without authorization or items received after 15 days will not be accepted.

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Updated 03/28/2001