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OPCOM's scribblings:
How a Transistor Works
Inside the 1953 Western Electric dial telephone instrument
Beginning to troubleshoot Digital Video switchers
Better Cooling for the DEC Alpha XL300 workstation and other computers
Improving the RCA MI-12188A Public Address Tube Amp
Build your own Tube-Type Mobile Audio Power Amplifier
Improving the Stromberg-Carlson APH-1050 Public Address Tube Amp
Improving the Stromberg-Carlson AP-80 Public Address Tube Amp
Improving the Stromberg-Carlson AP56 and AP55 Public Address Tube Amps
Cosmetic Improvements and Restoration for Rusty Old Equipment, How-To

Partial Plagerizations..
Audio measurements balanced and unbalanced: The dB; definitions, references.

The scribblings of distinguished others:
Introductory RF Amplifier Article
Specs for the Hallicrafters SX-28 Super Skyrider
historical description of PC hard disk interfaces from the early PC to the 386