All-Time Great Books of the Technical and Engineering World

My technical library, a sampling of which is presented in the table below, is also a book collection, with over 600 great volumes, both old and new, primarily centering on hard science and technologies. Alot of these are out of print, so if you find one of the classics, you are very fortunate indeed. I have not listed too many compute-intense titles, as the state of the art evolves so quickly that these are often quickly obsolesced, although they still remain fine reference materiel.
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Read my book reviews on these titles:
"Gasdynamic Laser" by S.A. Losev
"Gasdynamic Lasers : An Introduction" by John David Anderson
Ex Libris DEFBOO, er.. I mean,"Some of my books"..

Volume Title

Author / Publisher

Air Conditioning And Elements Of Refrigeration

Samuel P. Brown

Aircraft Jet Powerplants

Franklin Durham

Black Holes And Warped Spacetime

William Kaufmann

Circuit Design For Electronic Instrumentation

Darold Wobscall

Communication Engineering

William Everitt

Communications And Radar Systems


Communications Receivers

Ulrich L. Rhode And T. T. N. Bucher

Computer Viruses - A High Tech Disease


Digital Coding Of Waveforms

Jayant, Noll

Digital Filter Design Handbook


Digital Techniques In Frequency Synthesis


Electric Fields

Walter E. Rogers

Electric Transmission Lines

Hugh Skilling

Electronic Analog Computers

Korn And Korn

Electronics For Everybody

Ronald Benrey

Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design And Construction

Ronald Wagner

Encyclopedia Of Electronic Circuits

Rudolf Graf

Energy From Heaven And Earth


Fuel Cell Systems

American Chemical Society

Fuel Cell Systems II

American Chemical Society

Fundamentals Of Electron Devices

Carl R. Spangenberg

Fundamentals Of Vacuum Tubes

Austin V. Eastman

Giant Brains

Edmund C. Berkeley

High-Power Dye Lasers

Springer-Verlag Press (publisher)

How To Design Your Own TV Games

David L Heiserman

IBM's 360 And Early 370 Systems

Pugh, Johnson, Palmer

Image Tubes

Illes P. Csorba

Induction Heating - Coil And System Design

P. G. Simpson

Laser Spectroscopy VII

Springer-Verlag Press (publisher)

Molecular Vibrations


OpenVMS Performance Management


Phase-Locked Loop Design

Dan Wolaver

Photoelectronic Imaging Devices

Plenum Press (publisher)

Pirate Radio


Power Technology

George Stephenson

Practical Radio Communications

Nilson, Hornung

Practical Vacuum Techniques

W. F. Brunner, T. H. Batzer

Principles Of Cyclic Particle Accelerators

John J. Livingood

Principles Of Laser Plasmas

George Bekefi (Editor)

Principles Of Modern Radar

Eaves, Reedy

Printed Circuits Handbook



George Weingart

Radar Design Principles


Radar Handbook


Radio Astronomy For The Amateur

Dave Heiserman

Radio Engineering

Frederick E. Terman

Radio Engineers' Handbook

Frederick E. Terman

Radio Handbook

 Editors And Engineers

Radio Handbook

 William I Orr

Radiotron Designer's Manual

F. Langford Smith / RCA (publisher)

Rca Receiving Tube Handbook


Rca Transmitting Handbook


RF Circuit Design


Secrets Of 123 Old Time Science Tricks And Experiments

Edi Lanners

Secrets Of RF Circuit Design

Joseph Carr


D. H. Whiffen

Steam, Its Generation And Use

Babcock And Wilcox (publisher)

Switchmode Power Supply Design

P. R. K. Chetty


Margaret Chaney

Testing Of Electromagnetic Machinery, Vol. 1 And 2

Swenson, Frankenfield, Bryant

The 3-D Oscilloscope

Homer B. Tilton

The Amateur Scientist

C L Stong

The Boy Electrician

Alfred P. Morgan

The Boys' Book Of Engines, Motors, And Turbines

Alfred P. Morgan

The Boys' First Book Of Radio And Electronics

Alfred P. Morgan

The Boys' Fourth Book Of Radio And Electronics

Alfred P. Morgan

The Boys' Second Book Of Radio And Electronics

Alfred P. Morgan

The Boys' Third Book Of Radio And Electronics

Alfred P. Morgan

The Collapsing Universe

Isaac Asimov

The Great Detective

Chrysler Corporation

The High Power Iodine Laser

Springer-Verlag Press (publisher)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To VMS

Bruce Ellis

The Klingon Dictionary

Marc Okrand

The Microcomputer Builder's Bible

Chris Johnson

The Midi Manual


The Radio Manual

George Sterling, Robert Monroe

Theory And Applications Of Electron Tubes

Herbert Reich

Theory Of Gaseous Conduction And Electronics

Maxfield, Benedict

Tunable Solid State Lasers

Springer-Verlag Press (publisher)

Ultrahigh Vacuum And Its Applications

Richard Roberts, Thomas Vanderslice

VAX VMS Internals And Data Structures

Ruth Goldenberg

VMS File System Internals

Mc Coy

X-Ray Microscopy

Springer-Verlag Press (publisher)

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