The OpenVMS Hobbyist Hot Sauce

Mouth-Burning Fun for Today's Vaxocentric Family!

304 fluid ounces were made from the specified quantities of components. This amounts to three cases of twelve 8-oz. mason jars each, and about 1/2 quart left over for instant gratification.To make just a quart, use the quantities listed at the latter end of the section (dividing the former quantities by 9.5) note: conventions used throughout are that a measure of an "oz." means by weight, while a "fl. oz." is by volume.

Obtain the Components:
2.85 lb. large red tomaoes
2.83 lb. sweet yellow onions
0.68 lb. pequin
1.85 lb serrano peppers
1.30 lb. anaheim or green fresno peppers
0.72 lb Jalapeno peppers
1.36 lb yellow banana peppers
1.45 lb habanero peppers
1.50 quart vinegar
5.00 tablespoons garlic salt

Hack the Equipment:
2 quart blender
10 quart bowl
2 quart pot
long handle wooden spoon (so you can stand away from the fumes)
coffee cup
clean kitchen counter

Put 1/3 the pequin in the blender with 1/3 the vinegar and blend on high until all chopped up, then pour the mixture into the 2 quart pot. Keep this stirred and slowly simmering all the time, as it will be used as the blender liquid during the blending of the other components (blenders like fluid added so as to thrash the food around with, but we do not want to dilute this stuff with water!). Some of the vinegar will evaporate, but the mixture in the pot will get stronger and stronger. As you use this mixture, make more with the remaining pequin and vinegar. Place in the blender equal proportional quantities of the other components, adding some of the above vinegar-pequin fluid so the blender will do its job well. When thoroughly blended, pour the stuff into the 10-quart bowl, adding a tablespoon of garlic salt. repeat this until the 10-quart bowl is full. Stir the contents of the bowl well. Use the coffee cup to download the hot sauce from the bowl into mason jars. The open jars are then boiled for 30 minutes, and closed. this makes it so you can store the stuff for a year or more. Note: the hot sauce will eventually attack the metal lid of the jar, so try to keep it from splattering on the inside of the lid. If you do not know how to "can" food, please use AltaVista or your own choice of 8 popular search engines, and look it up. better safe than sorry!

As a convenience, here is the list of stuff, to make a quart or so.
4.8 oz. red tomato
4.7 oz. sweet yellow onion
1.1 oz. pequin
3.1 oz. serrano peppers
2.2 oz. anaheim or green fresno pepers
1.2 oz. jalapeno peppers
2.3 oz. yellow babana peppers
2.4 oz. habanero peppers
5.0 fl.oz. vinegar
0.5 tablespoon garlic salt

that's it!

Note, the product is just about the wonderful orange color of the VMS manuals of past years :)