Some Games and Humorous Thingies

Note the suitability ratings, for your protection. legal

these games run in W95

G penguins.exe Annoy cartoon penguins with grenades, paint, hammers, and kisses. "Point and click" game

G spitwad.exe Shoot spitwads at the teacher.

G valentine.exe A cute game with a puppy.

humorous interactive demos

G motor.exe Motor skills test

G mrbean.exe hilarious Mr. Bean's face rolls his eyes and says things when clicked on

G optical.exe A bizzarre effect

R realmen.exe A windows error "joke".

G bonuscheck.exe Cick here for your christmas bonus!.

G esheep.exe As many mountain sheep as you want, they cavort around on your screen.

PG fred.exe Very rude Fred acts stupid on your CRT

humorous videos and non-interactive demos

R cow-beer.exe Where did the nasty aliens stash their beer?

G christmas.exe A season's Greeting

G A carictature of a typical whiney AOL customer.

G A satire of the classic Civil Defense tv test.

R A somewhat tasteless video satire on the Gulf War.

PG Less tasteless.

G A product which should be re-introduced!

G A short video of an energized pickle lamp.

G The infamous exploding whale movie

PG Another sick twist on that animated dancing baby.

PG bgates_pie.avi The whole video, all 3 pies!

G Appple Pokes fun at Intel's Pentium II

G snowman.avi oh, look at that jolly snowman!

PG Another Apple ad, but this one is kind of strange.

humorous text and images

G job-opening.bmp You think your job is bad?

G billgat.jpg We show you the secret CD artwork for win99!

G The cartoon laws of physics

PG An old h/p joke

PG How to replace the IBM mouse ball

G A sample system trouble report

G 'Twas the night before Chrisis (computer humor)

G When you (ahem) 'accidentally' logon to a UNIX system

PG More than 50 ways to get out of a blind date

PG The infamous Geek Code

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