Sony LDI-D50B
The Sony Glasstron!

The Sony model LDI-D50B Glasstron is a lightweight, professional, 180,000 pixel head-mounted video display, simulating a 52" wide screen display at 7 feet distance from the viewer. It is also capable of displaying true 3D images from a 3D camera or video recording. It has stereo earphones, a standard connector for high fidelity stereo headphones, and an internal optical shutter which may be opened for view-through observation of surroundings. The LDI-D50B retails for $1800

Resolution 800X225 Pixels
Video Input NTSC Video (U.S. TV system)
Audio Input Stereo "RCA" Jacks (home VCR type)
Power 9VDC by included 110/220VAC adapter or optional battery
2D/3D System Standard Video or Field Sequential 3D Video

Hookup suggestion. (peripherals not included)
Please do not drive a motor vehicle while using your LDI-D50B.
User Manual PDF