Most Unusual Specials!

selected items from our picker's vault..
Cobra 148GTL w/ DC cord and MIC, works perfect, like new, stock, absolutely never touched by any "cb tune-up expert". $150
speaker panel from 1930's. Steel rackmount with wire grilles. Includes at least one old speaker (untested) $20 ea.
Acme transformer 240/480VAC in, 24/48 out @ 62.5/31.2A, 1500 watts (1.5KVA) $20
Ampex 7-CRT based multi-oscilloscope, rackmount bank of seven identical 2" CRT units, tube type oscilloscope circuitry, two available, this one marked 1-7, see next two images.
Ampex 7-CRT based multi-oscilloscope. This one marked 8-14. Both are in working condition, but need a few small common type tubes replaced, a little TLC. Symptom is no deflection, swapping the 9-pin tubes made it go. CRTs seem to be ok.
Ampex 7-CRT based multi-oscilloscope. Unit assy pulls out for service, has rear mounted blower, tube regulated B+. highest American quality for classic tube type studio or other special application. $750 each or $1250/pair.
Cooke Engineering Real Time Digital Clock model 724. 6 large red nixie digits, backup power supply with (dead) ni-cad battery. Thumbwheel preset. uses external timebase/reference. used repairable. $25
Tube type audio frequency meter by Daven. Working condition. $50
Pioneer SM-Q300 Tube Receiver. separate AM and FM tuners. FM MPX, AM also includes shortwave band. separate input function controls for each channel, unique stereo depth control allows continuous variation from normal through mono to reverse. Knob missing. used-repairable. transformers good, likely needs capacitors as common in old tube gear. $150
Realistic MPX decoder. removed from working service. used-repairable. slight oxidation on bottom. $45.
Fisher Quad real 4-channel receiver model 634. four 50 watt solid state channels. switchable to bridge mode at front panel for 110 watts per channel. works, sounds good. used-repairable. $250
SONY power supply. not sold to public, but this was an actual Sony "tool". designed for 0-12VDC at about 2-3 amps. power transformer ok, but needs work on regulator or regulator replaced, as the output is not adjusting, despite someone's attempt to fix it. No smoke. used. $15
SONY power supply (second image)
Old meter, reads 0-5 and 0-15VDC, about 4"x5", probably from a car battery tester. not tested. $5
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Tube type limiter/compressor from FAA AM transmitter. Dusty on outside, very clean inside. Good meter and transformers. Similar to federal TV corp. units. used repairable. SOLD. Image for reference only.
FAA audio Limiter/compressor inside view SOLD. Image for reference only.
RCA MI-40321 fuse and lamp panel in excellent clean condition. recessed rackmount panel with 20 fuses and 20 lamp sockets with amber lenses for common replaceable panel lamps (bayonet type I think?) as well as resistora and terminals strips on rear. fully wired. Such lamps are used to indicate blown fuses. Very old. $100
MX-1058-U military rackmount pull-out desktop. Two available.
MX-1058-U military rackmount pull-out desktop, chrome plated, designed for writing on, when reading the teletype data. $50 each
Olson AM-253 stereo integrated amplifier. wattage is about 15W/ch. One knob imperfect (missing the flat aluminum insert easily replaced). Goes with tuner (next).
Olson RA-628 MPX tuner, FM Stereo. With AM-253 amp, both are used-repairable, likely needs caps. $65.
RCA 2-knob panel meter. Has red classical RCA lightning logo as handle to open little side-hinged door inside of which a card legend can be placed to indicate which settings monitor what voltages. Extremely rare and in excellent condition! selector knob with inputs 1-17, and channels A, B, and OFF. Meter reads 0-3VDC. Isolated balanced inputs to panel via large terminal block. a steal at $200 each for these museum pieces! Only two available.
0-38-infinity real attenuator in 2db steps from 0-38. Also has RCA MI-11713 transformer with 600-150-0-150-600 primary and secondary windings for balanced systems. Finest American quality! $100
Yes, it's hard to see because things are in front of it, but this recessed rackmount panel is the heart of the RCA audio switcher as used by TV stations in the '40's and '50's. 44 relays and two MI-11712 transformers (20K CT to 600/150 CT) as well as individual level set controls (screwdriver adjust pots) for each source and full wiring and terminal blocks on rear make this attractive and clean unit a proud addition to any authentic tube type studio. $150
Red lightning logo, RCA switch panel. One switch, one chrome switch guard to prevent accidental bumping into the panel and moving the switch. Chrome guard could use a re-plate, but it's ok. $50
Blackface meter on panel with 18 position switch, OFF-1-..17. 0-3VDC indicated. $100
RCA MI-26240 5-breaker panel, recessed, rackmount. Large circuit breakers/switches with little plates above them which can hold card labels. very clean. $150
RCA MI-4395B switch and lamp panel. Lamp socket is with red glass lens, and panel removes to facilitate replacement of the lamp or the screw-in fuses. Very nice and authentic! See next, 4 avail. One without cover. $100 each complete (but no lamp or fuses), $50 for one without cover, ALL 4 for only $250 wow! --see next two images!
RCA MI-4395B switch and lamp panel.
RCA MI-4395B switch and lamp panel.
Somy RM-PJ1292 (left) and RM-PJ1001 (right) remotes. SOLD. Images for reference only
Sony VIW3015 computer controlled laserdisc player. yep, a pc embedded in a laserdisc. as-is used not checked. $20
Sony VIW5000 computer controlled laserdisc player. yep, a pc embedded in a laserdisc. as-is used not checked. more modern version of previous. $30