Some scenes from Albufiera, Portugal


Cats are to be found frequently in Albufiera and other coastal Portugese cities, perhaps because of the very large amount of fish which is enjoyed here. This old guy was far too dignified to look at the camera. He didn't move an inch even though I was only 3 feet away.
A long concrete pier leads out into the ocean. As a scale for the waves, the pier is about 15 feet wide.
There are many places to park along the roads and enjoy the view. This position is on a high cliff, which drops off just beyond the bushes.
One of several beaches where boats may be found. this is less than 100 feet from the water.
Some streets are ancient and far too narrow to drive a car on.
The hills surrounding Albufiera are lined with innumerable hotel rooms and apartments, but the core of the small village remains mostly unchanged except for that many of the old dwellings close to the sea are now shops and restaurants.
This old belltower sits on top of a bar.
Typical bars near the ocean.
Some streets are wide enough only for one car, and are one-way.
English is widely spoken in Portugal, and the people are generally very friendly. The currency is called "Escudos", and one US dollar is about 225 of them. Coins are common in 20, 100, and 200 escudos. Bills are commonly 1000, 2000, and 5000. A cheese sandwich cost 150 escudos. A 20-30KM taxi ride for two people is about 6000 escudos. If you rent a car, get a small, narrow one. Parking can be challenging in "large" vehicles. Watch out for small motorcycles which can suddenly appear from nowhere.