Left rack, top to bottom: Tektronix video waveform monitor and vectorscope, Kron-Hite 0.1Hz to 3MHz function generator next to a Hewlett-Packard 225MHz frequency counter, 7-11GHz signal generator, 50KHz-80MHz signal generator, rackmount drawer for test probes, etc.., below, at an angle, my 50MHz-1GHz spectrum analyzer, which I designed and built. It's not mounted yet because I am looking for a rack shelf to fit just right.

Right rack, top to bottom: DuKane 20 watt tube type audio amplifier for monitoring signals, Stromberg-Carlson 5 channel mixer for handling the various inputs, Tektronix 148 NTSC color bar/test pattern generator, modified Dyn-Air wideband distribution amp, used as a variable-gain antenna preamp covering 100KHz to 30MHz, Singer 50KHz-25MHz spectrum analyzer, Realistic scanner and shortwave radio, Tektronix 80MHz scope, with 4 channels.