OpenVMS Update - Dallas - Epilogue

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 06:35:25 GMT
From: (David L Cathey)

The Digital OpenVMS Update is over, but for those that missed it, there's still opportunity to see what it was all about. Two days of Digital Non-Disclosure (OpenVMS, networks, and StorageWorks) made for a nice couple of days filled with technical information.

The web site at has been updated to give a brief run-down of the event. Some of the Powerpoint presentations that were given by the attending Engineers is available for download. Also, thanks to our LUG member Clay Denton, there is a small photo archive to memorialize the event.

We'd like to thank all those involved to make this event a success:

The Digital Team
David Booth
Val Verge
Sue Yarger
Donna Conklin
The OpenVMS Engineers

The Local Digital Team
Dennis Bayshore
Kimberly Hull
Dona Warren
John Wisniewski

The Partners
Pioneer Standard
Johnson & Assoc.

Our Guest, terry Shannon

the many members of the DECUS Dallas/Ft. Worth Local User Group.