OpenVMS Engineering Update, dallas, May 12-13 -->result:

Compliments of and provided by Digital Equipment Corporation, this major technology event was extremely successful and very well attended. Over 250 highly skilled IT professionals, most specializing in OpenVMS (many expert as well in UNIX or NT), made excellent use of the two days of sessions packed full of bleeding-edge technical information about all facets of OpenVMS including Affinity, storage, networking, availability, security, Galaxy technology, Wildfire, and the ultimate high end, presented by DEC's OpenVMS engineers.

Amenities such as continental breakfast, lavish buffet-style lunches, and refreshing break snacks and ice cream / coffee / sodas were very generously provided by Digital's Partners, including Wylie Computers, Avnet Computers, Pioneer, Johnson and Associates, and Sequel Data Systems, filling out the event and helping to make everyone very comfortable.

Tuesday night, the DECUS D/FW Local User Group held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting onsite, and all event attendees were invited. A special technical demonstration was given, which proved to be very illuminating. Even more delightful was the distinguished speaker for the evening, Terry Shannon, who, as we all know, is the ONLY source for information about DEC.

All in all, the event had extremely high value for Digital, Digital's Customers, and the Partners.

-Pat Jankowiak