(you have to have seen the discussions in comp.org.decus to get this one, but let's just say that David Cathey's proactive attitude pertaining to things DECUS had caused certain nervous parties to accuse him of being a "newsgroup terrorist". heh...)

Terry Shannon's Other Comments

Yup. The DFWLUG done real good on this one. If David Cathey is a terrorist, DECUS would be well served by creating one of those guerilla camps in the Beckaa Valley (or perhaps the Red River Valley in Texas). The DFWLUG managed to put on a super event without a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense, back-biting, or codswallop. The atmosphere was rather like that of a DECUS US Chapter symposium of eight years ago.

The highlight of the event was the special technical demonstration, which provided an illuminating and electrifying insight into the origins of Alpha. EV doesn't mean "Electric Vlasic" for nothing!

Kudos to DFWLUG's Pat J for conducting this extremely hazardous demonstration and enlightening the masses.

Terry Shannon
Warlord at Large