Photo is of preliminary apparatus in darkened environment, during pulse output. Rack sticking out of pile of junk contains disgustingly oversized power supply and pulse forming circuitry. FWHM output estimated to be 10E+11 watts by 17 nanoseconds, in the form of a broadband microwave noise pule, around 2-3 GHz. Ionizing radiation illuminates throat of horn, and casts sinister shadows. It also gassed the active device, displeased the computer and the power meter, and ruined the makita drill in the foreground. Seems like we got it right the first time.. We rebuilt the special part, and switched to a 'Happy Meal' power source after this (see below). We usually show how to make everything, but not this.

We scaled the power way down, and now the power supply not only runs on 110VAC, but fits on the rail. Also, no more having to rebuild the thing between pulses.

The business end has become a bit deformed, and the maw is blackened a bit... If you stand anywhere around here with a flourescent lamp, it will light. So will you.

The only safe place to be around this thing.. and then we are not so sure.