DFWCUG HCPS Road Trip January 2001

The Historical CPU Preservation Society is pleased to rescue fine old systems like this VAXcluster composed of two VAX 6510's, a TA90, two HSC70's, and about 50 RA drives in five SA-series cabinets. Here are a few photos of the loading of the system into a 26' truck..


Vaxcluster on Dock, awaiting.. John Wisniewski with Vaxcluster Left: Patrick Jankowiak, Center: TA-90, Right: Dave Whitten
You are standing at the opened back door of a large truck. The truck's cargo area seems to be full of VAXen. From the murky darkness, someone, or something, stares back. Perhaps it is your own reflection.. rt200101pjdw01.jpg rt200101ta9001.jpg
rt200101ta9002.jpg yes we had trouble with the truck.. rt200101vax6510.jpg