The Ultimate VMS Hobby System?

This guy looks pretty happy, eh? Real computer guys don't need furniture! Just a Coke machine, a VAXcluster, a router with internet connection, and a VT320. The pair of 4300's and the UPS's can be sat upon in an emergency, simulating furniture, when guests show up in ReaLife rather than by login.

As to the VT320 and the question of graphics, the VAXstations support the nice 15-20" DEC monitors and run Xwindows, it's just that our DECcentric friend is a hard core terminal ehthusiast.

This guy's also happy because each of his clustered VAXen has a Hobbyist License, giving him twice as many logged in users as machines *, and practically unlimited accounts!

Note that even though two DEC Alphas are cluster members, the system is still for all intents and purposes a VAXcluster and technically limited to only 128 nodes. Well, 118 more to go.. Then he'll have to go "all Alpha"!

Additionally, it has been found that PC's running LINUX make excellent Xwindow servers for VMS clients, displaying most VMS graphical applications well. Use care, as there is a possible security issue when you do this with LINUX. See "Longwords" 10/99 at for more information.

Hobbyist VAXcluster Example system statistics:
2) Microvax 3400
2) VAXstation 4000 model 90
2) DEC Infoservers
3) VAXstation 3100 model48
1) VAXstation 4000 model 60
2) TF857's (7 pcs. of 10-gig tapes each)
1) Microcom 808 ISDN router
2) AXP150 "Jensen" Alpha

*The VMS Hobbyist license allows two logged in users on a machine. One login is for a user and the other one is primarily for the SYSTEM account, but it can be used as a secondary or guest login when the system manager is not logged in to that machine.