The M-5 Award For Excellent Technology Hobbyist Sites

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This unit must survive.
This unit represents the ultimate achievement in computer evolution.
-The M-5

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This award may be given to sites that uphold the following rather general criteria:

1. Your Site demonstrates an unsolicited interest in forwarding the cause of the Technology Hobbyist, without regard to pecuniary interest. Any technological pursuit is applicable without prejudice, from vacuum tube applications to electron beam lithography control systems using VAX minicomputers.

2. Your Site freely offers information or other tangibles which are of value to Technology Hobbyists.

3. Your Site upholds the idea of "do-it-yourself / at-home" thinking, applied to highly technical concepts.

Examples of these ideas might #INCLUDE the following geeky home hobbyist pursuits:

-Using the excellent Compaq OpenVMS operating system for any noncommercial purpose.
-Collecting specific technology examples, and/or supplying detailed information about the same.
-Writing realtime, system maintenance, or other cool software, especially for embedded systems.
-Building or restoring a LASER, RadioTelescope, Tesla Coil, or other esoteric electronics equipment such as Vacuum Tube or microwave (SHF) gear.
-Reverse engineering any kind of software or hardware for educational or practical purposes, where not prohibited.
-Successfully imprinting unstable mental patterns upon a supercomputer, then putting it in control of a heavily armed starship, where permitted by law.
-Tech OTAKU (need we say more?)

Current Winners:

The Art of Electronics Simulated, completed lab experiments from The Art of Electronics, with friendly discussion. Works with MultiSim.
Well, they are selling this product, but it's so inexpensive for the value, it basically qualifies as non-commercial and in the hobbyist interest! -Opcom

Hammer's Tesla Pages

Kitchen Table Radio -definitely do-it-yourself!

Phoebe's VMS resource site -VMS code written by a cat. Need more be said?

The City of Night TowerCam -You can control it!

Fred Nachbaur's Dogstar Music site - Music, theremin exploits, tube amps, more!

Duncan Munro's site - Free software to design power supplies, lots of DIY tube info!

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