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A note from Patrick Jankowiak, curator of the DFWCUG HCPS collection


Over the last ten years, the DFWCUG Historical Computer Preservation Society has endeavored to collect, save, and restore computer systems and hardware which has significant historical value. Although our focus has been primarily DEC, we have included a variety of other systems as well. Our charter goal was to create a museum where we could display our systems spanning four decades to the general public. To this end, we built a 1200 sq. ft. climate controlled facility and began rescuing decomissioned systems. At this time, a decision has been made to forgo this activity in its entirety, and it our most fervent wish to find a good home for the collection.

These pictures are representative of only a small number of the items filling about 3/4 of the 1200 square foot climate-controlled building and much of an adjoining house.

Not shown are some things we could not get to, either because they are in stacks of boxes on shelves 11 feet off the floor, or because, like the several pdp8's, they are perhaps behind 2 or 3 VAX 11/780's. So here in pics is the tip of the iceberg. The excel sheet is far more comprehensive than these simple pictures, but is also only a partial list, and undoubtedly omits many rare picks which will be uncovered as the collection is outloaded.

All of the major items were carefully removed from where they were last used and are expected to be operational without too much effort.

Why, you may ask, has the decision been made to let the collection go? Why not proceed with getting a museum up and running? It was not an easy or quick decision but rather a well considered one, and the reasons for it are many.

The reason cheifest among reasons, is that one of the princpals, an indispensable partner, has passed away. John Wisniewski, long time DEC, Compaq, H/P employee and VMS Ambassador, was the one who had the connections, knew the ways of politics and negotiation, and was able to create the most professional situation in any time or place. Without John's efforts, I can maintain and keep safe this collection forever, but I don't see it progressing, or as was our goal, becoming an operational datacenter, open to public view, and offering a view into four decades of DEC computing, with some Compaq, IBM, and other period pieces and flashes in the pan alongside for comparison. Other parts of the exhibit include examples of literature and advertising items swiped from DECUS events and computer trade shows over the same period.

This is the largest single DEC computer collection in the hands of one private organization. The entire collection is offered as a single lot. Loading is by residential street, liftgate a must. Viewing by appointment. Museums, historical societies, and other entities may contact Patrick Jankowiak by sending an e-mail to "recycler AT swbell DOT net".

We are still scanning the documents (DEC handbooks and similar items are being scanned by Clay Denton to be posted on the internet for free download) and those are not included in this lot. Other items such as technical documentation, manuals, schematics, software including all paper tape, dectape, TK-xx, and 8" floppies, operating systems, spare boards and parts, cables, devices, computer relics, etc. on the premises are expressly included.

Finally, if you have donated an item to this collection and want it back, please make your request before March 30, 2005. Before making that decision, however, please consider that all gains realized from the sale of this collection will be placed into the Benevolent Fund which has been set up to assist John's children. The fund is administered by the DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union).

Best Regards,

Patrick Jankowiak
Curator, HCPS, Dallas, Texas

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ASR33.JPG aVC_474.jpg
DEC Colorforms applique wall chart. Comes with colorforms in shapes of various DEC items, so you can diagram your own datacenter.
compaq_luggables.JPG DEC_PODIUM.JPG
The original podium from the DEC ACT in Dallas, Texas. The letters are fine (a reflection shows up) The unit itself needs only a touch of furniture polish, otherwise very nice and complete with AV control panel. Whom is able to stand and speak from this place of honor?
rackmount dectalk, has 8? channels.

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