The DFWLUG 15th Anniversary Party VGIB
(General Information Booth - Virtual Implementation)

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The Party was a great success! Even though it was cool outside, the calf roping and hayrides seemed to be popular, and the food was great! 3 kinds of meat: spicy sausage, Turkey, and sliced beef barabecue. Mustard potato salad and cole slaw, fresh onions, carrots, celery - all the trimmings, as well as beans and bread rolls with butter, were the order of the day, with your choice of cherry, apple, and pecan pies for dessert. Soft drinks and margaritas were served as well.

As for the contests, gift certificates at fine restaurants which were provided by Avnet Computers were awarded by lot to some lucky guests, and there were giveaways for the children also. A highlight was the MicroVAX 4000 model 200 contributed by Sequel Data Systems. Along with this prize went a special VMS 20th anniversary shirt and a hobbyist cd-rom. Pioneer Computers was there, and gave away souvenir items to all, including fine carry bags and coffee cups of the large kind with lids. Digital provided special anniversary coffee cups, and Y2K souvenir pencils, as well as special VMS 20th anniversary books, which are very limited in supply. DEC also had these real cool posters with VAXes on them, with Boston Celtics #33 standing amongst them ( the *last* VAX ad poster- a collectors item), as well as t-shirts. GrayMatter Software provided some trial licenses for their scriptServer product. All of these items were very popular and few of any item were left over.


Come and join the party to celebrate 15 years of the DECUS DFWLUG and 20 years of DECUS. There will be activities for all family members:

Family Activities:
softball (bring your own glove)
ping pong
calf roping
fishing (bring your own equipment)
arcade (coin-op @25 cents)
relay games
MODEM line
TV for watching the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins football game.

Activities For the Younger Children:
sandbox with toys
petting zoo (1:00 to 3:00)
pony rides (1:00 to 4:00)
kiddie train rides (5:00 to 7:00)

barbecue from Eddie Dean's (serving starting at 2:30pm)
soft drinks
roasted marshmallows around the campfire after dark.

Facilities and Specialities:
A large enclosed climate-controlled pavilion exclusively for our use.
Drawings for Special Prizes
Modem Line for DialOut
Special DFWLUG commemorative items to be given out.
Vendor Tables with souvenirs, and personnel to answer your questions.
TV displaying Dallas-Washington Football Game
Fishing Pond
Payphones, Restrooms

Free to DFWLUG members, invitees, and guests.
Everyone Please RSVP to Dona Allen at (972)702-4500 or there will be a charge of approximately $30 to acommodate.

Time and Place:
DATE: Sunday, November 16, 1997
TIME: 1:00pm - 7:00pm
LOCATION: Canyon Lake Ranch, in Corinth, Texas

Map and directions for those coming from Fort Worth
Highway map. To scale but not too detailed
Directions from Dallas, Map for those coming from Dallas

The location will be the Canyon Lake Ranch in Corinth, TX. To get there, take I-35E north towards Denton. Take the 458 exit which is Swisher Road (FM2181). This exit is approximately 2 miles north of the bridge over Lake Lewisville, and is marked by an Overland Express gas station on the Southeast corner of the intersection. After exiting, turn left (West) onto Swisher Road. Canyon Lake Ranch is located on the south side of Swisher Road, 1.5 miles West of I-35E.

* Must be present to win special prizes. Must be a registered DFWLUG member to win special prizes. Errata Notice: There was an error in the DFWLUG newsletter, stating that the party is to be on a Saturday. The party is on Sunday, which is the 16th. We humbly apologize for the confusion.

Errata Notice: There was an error in the Postal ("snail") Mail invitations, stating that the RSVP phone # was (972)702-4510. The correct phone number is (972)702-4500. We humbly apologize for the confusion.