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DIY and Vacuum Tube Audio and Radio Links
FM-Only Radios of every kind
Tube sockets, chimneys, and accessories
Online Tube Manual
Tomi Engdahl's Page - Numerous links to Electronics, Computers, and Audio Interests.
Bry's Ham Radio / "Boatanchors"
Tubes, Parts, Old Gear
Milbert Amplifiers Inc. Tube Audio for the Car
GW0VMR Website - he will answer your ham radio questions too!

Radio Communications Links
Surplus Electronics Establishments
Military Communications equipment Links

Internet Communications Links
Site Inspector examines and generates report for your page.
WhiteICE kills SPAM before it gets to you: No more annoying SPAM.
THINGS connected to the internet

Music Electronics Links
Music Electronics uArchive

Laser Links
Ameteur Laser Constructors Home Page
surplus lasers
Online Service Manual for the GL-3300 Nitrogen Laser from PTI
The cheapest nitrogen laser I've seen so far..
1 megawatt N2 laser
Another Dangerous Project
The Homebuilt Lasers Page

Science Links
INWIT -Writings, Links, and Software demonstrations
Mike's Electric Stuff
Hammer's Tesla Coils
The Science Hobbyists' Page
A Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems

Electronics including analog and digital
Sci.electronics Repair FAQ: How to Repair many devices
Computer and Electronics information: Hardware Info web ring
Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Page
Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Page U.S.A Mirror site for faster service. - electronics links - Tons of Hardware info and resources

OpenVMS Links
Montagar Software Concepts
U.S. National DECUS
The Dallas / Fort Worth Compaq User Group
About the Hobbyist OpenVMS License - how to get yours!
The Excellent CD-ROMs, Alpha and VAX
Shannon Knows DEC, Volume 4, #11

Other Geeky Zones

Cool people and organizations
John Wisniewski
Johnson and Associates
Montagar Software Concepts
The Watkins Technology Companies