Electronics-related Software

DLLs and other runtime files which may be needed to use the following programs. Most computers already have these files, but in case you don't, here they are!

Program generates color bars from DOS prompt or in window. very small program. Source code included.

Useful RF Power Amp Design Utilities (freeware)

High / Low pass 1st through 4th order filters

program designs single stage common emitter or common source transistor amplifiers used for narrow band weak signal service. Many combinations of design are easily obtained by use of different Automatic or Interactive Design Routines. The main goal of this program is to provide functional amplifiers for Radio Communications.

Coil Calculator

Version 1.0 of the "Electronic Calculation Program". Smaller but no less useful than V2.0 in most ways.

Version 2.0 the "Electronic Calculation Program" is a Windows program that performs several RF and one amateur radio calculation. Version 1.0 of this program just calculated values to conjugately match a transistor using either S or Y parameters as described in "RF Circuit Design" by Chris Bowick. Version 2.0 still includes this function plus several other calculations using S or Y parameters from the same book. However, Smith chart plotting is still necessary. Version 2.0 will also calculate Butterworth filter component values using either a known attenuation or number of circuit elements.

An easy to use design program for the popular 555 timer. EZ555 instantly displays oscillator circuit parameters in both graphical and numeric form. Uses a simple graphical interface.

This program contains a collection of basic electrical and electronic formulas, which can be found in any electrical engineering handbook. The software was developed, in an effort, to alleviate the necessity of looking up individual formulas each time they are needed. This software includes the most commonly used electrical and electronic formulas.

LOGIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS, v1.1 , March 1995 This program can create and evaluate logic circuits. The documentation functions as a tutorial to learn about logic and digital computers.

LOGSIM is a digital logic simulation program. It is very general and infinitely expandable. Users create a file describing their circuit and select options to configure the simulation.

Master Converter (32-bit) can quickly and easily convert to and from 266 different units in 21 categories. Categories include length, area, volume, time, speed, mass density, force, pressure, energy, power flow, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity temperature, conductivity, thermal conductivity, angle, light, and more.

The ultimate conversion utility. Will do multiple conversions all at once. Converts length, area, volume, weight, time and more Additional conversions available with the registered version including roman numerals power, energy computer base numbers frequency, xrays, plane angles electronics conversions, acceleration pressure, etc. Create or edit your own conversion table. Plus, comes with a built in calculator.

PC-ECAP is an easy to use AC circuit analysis program which analyzes circuits consisting of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transmission lines, transistors (both bipolar and FET's), operational amplifiers and transconductance amplifiers.

design small signal RF amplifiers using S-parameters. It can create a design using transistor data files.

interactive oscilloscope tutor #1 teaches how to use 'scope controls.

interactive oscilloscope tutor #2 "SWAP" (SIne WAve Practice) is a simple program designed to teach beginning students how to determine sine wave amplitude and freqency on an oscilloscope. It presents sine waves of random frequency and amplitude, and requires that students determine the frequency, the peak-to-peak amplitude, and the RMS amplitude.

interactive oscilloscope tutorial #3 teaches how to use more scope controls.
Download all 3 of these different 'scope tutors!

SWRADIO 3.51 Build a sensitive shortwave receiver for less than $5. Complete info, including schematics and parts sources. Also other info of interest to Shortwave Listeners such as freq. band descriptions, pirate radio, how 2 on QSL cards, & a complete reading list.

Tesla coil calculation utilities

GG RF power amp design util.

TDB3.ZIP A Vaccum Tube cross reference program. The user is allowed to update, add, delete, edit and print the tube data they select of the whole data file.

general electronics tutoring program


4 programs for matching, filters, attenuators, and transistor compression point calculations.

Interactive Volt-ohm meter tutotial.

Wavy is an educational Windows program. It is designed to aid students to visualize the effect of the superimposition of SINE waves.

TSD.ZIP A Transistor Substitute Database, a cross reference for various transistor components.