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DEC and Compaq Computer Gear

Multi-protocol DECbrouter 90T1 DEWB1-M

DECserver 90L+ Terminal Server

DECbridge 90

VAXstations! Beautiful VAXstations! Excellent general purpose or hobby system; standard with built-in ethernet, SCSI, and xwindow support.
Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.


LP26 Line Printer $200

Compaq docking station

series 2813, spare#133659-001 (for LTE386?) $5

Computer Monitors

Conrac 19" 7351C19, very good cond, with orig box. $100

Monitor Accessories

Inline Inc. Inline 2000 analog and digital video interface. $100 Specs Uses 12 VDC, 500 mA adapter (not incl.)

Shipping: FOB our laboratory at 4718 Kildare Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas Texas 75216. We can ship FedEx, UPS, or Motor Freight.

Pat Jankowiak, Customer Service Engineer
VoiceMail Promptly Returned: (214)374-4657

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