Images and some descriptions: Sort of an Online Museum

Computing Equipment

Some of the antique computers cared for by the Historical CPU Preservation Society.
Inside the VAXstation 3100 model 48
One of the computer work areas
Some small computers in the DEFBOO.CMD Laboratory.
A DEC PDP-11/23 microcomputer
The VAXbar and other ideas which upset the Historical CPU Preservation Society
Apple Macintosh systems
The old Amstrad PC-CM color monitor, which also supplied power to the computer it was used with.

Audio / Video equipment

The Sony betacart, an analog 'video server'.
The Sony Glasstron head-mounted 3D video system.
An antique TV from Czechoslovakia
An antique Crosley AM/FM/TV/Phonograph
A very large TV set I worked on
Federal TV Corp. AM-864/U Compressor Limiter
Sony BVM1900A, a very fine older monitor of broadcast quality.

Test equipment

Antique test equipment shown at a Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society meeting
A small work area where I sometimes 'tweak' antique tube-type audio, radio, and video gear
An old Carbon pile Rheostat
TEKtronix 520 vectorscopes.
Series regulators, mechanically vary phase of buck/boost winding.

Radio gear

Boat Anchor Transmitter - the Johnson Viking
Very unusual professional FM receiver, an "REL"
RT-524 military VHF tranceiver, 30-79 MHz
Heathkit Apache AM/CW/SSB tube-type HAM Transmitter
Heathkit Mowhawk AM/CW/SSB Receiver, counterpart to Apache
National's famous NC300 HAM Receiver.
Globe Champion 300A Transmitter, Inside, and Underneath

Telephone equipment

Inside the 1953 Western Electric dial telephone instrument
Equipment found inside typical phone company Central Office

Stuff for sale

Electronics Gear of any kind, which is 'for sale'